Here is a quick guide on how to change admin url path in Magento. This need to be done for security reason to be safe from hacking/cracking issue. Basically, this is done not to let any general user to access the admin page.

Generally, we do have ‘admin’ as the administrator path for Magento. So, the admin URL will be

This article will show you, how you can change the admin url. Let’s say from ‘admin’ to ‘backend’. So, the new admin URL will be

Here is how we do it

Now, you should be able to access admin panel from instead of

I tried to change the Admin Base URL from Magento admin panel. But, I ran into problem and could not access the admin after that. Here is what I did:-

To solve the problem, I had to make some change in database. If you had similar problem then here is a workaround:-

Hope this helps. Thanks.